Self Publishing- Publishing Your Way


You might ask: “How Do I Write a Book and Get It Published?” There are several different types of book publishing companies today but all work to produce an end product such as a book, manual, newspaper or textbook. There are traditional publishers, Subsidy or Vanity Publishers, Independent and Self publishing Companies. With Garrison Publishing we work with the author to develop a polished book that meets your highest expectations. We work side by side to produce a high quality book; we can help you market it to the public too. After writing your book, consider self publishing it.

Self Publishing is the process of producing a printed book by using a process of development, production and distribution by using an online publisher to guide you in every aspect of the process. Each stage of publishing goes through different actions and events to produce material for market. Self publishers work with authors to produce a desired outcome. A small fee is paid to the publisher to oversee the development process.

  • The process of development might include copy editing a book, proofreading, formating, text blocking, illustrations, cover art and presentation.
  • Production might include obtaining copyrights, typsetting, page layout, proofing, price setting and finallly printing. Printing alone involves binding, dust jacket composition, creating negatives, plates and book production.
  • Distribution might include marketing, assigning an ISBN number and supplying goods to bookstores, printing companies, and online retailers.

Publishing is a process that takes time, effort, energy and patience until a finished product appears on the market. I hope this helps your understanding of the Book Publishing process and that it is a timely and detail oriented business, but the end product and the money spent, is well worth it when the book is finished.

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