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Ethics and Morals in Business

busethicsNo matter what type of business you are in, there needs to be a certain set of standards of which you live by.  A professional business with good ethics will service their customers and satisfy their needs, by following through with the best job performance possible. They will over-exceed their customers satisfaction by going over and beyond what is expected. Lets examine ways to prevent unethical practices in the workplace.

First, A business should not hire employees that have no personal morals or ethics. For example: If you are a nurse that works in a hospital setting, your morals should accompany your ethics. To simply do the least amount of work possible to get through your work day should be considered unethical, especially if it deals with another life.

Secondly, A business should not go against their own set of standards to please customers.  Just like a person with no standards, a business will become degraded into a poor rated company that customers do not trust.  For example: If you are a company that only sells top quality books and your name is: Top Quality Books, then why would you mislead your customer by selling sub-standard books.

Next, The business should have a customer service number where individuals can call and talk to someone about problems they are having. The employees working this service should handle complaints and answer questions in a professional way. The motto should be: the customer is always right. Keep in mind, we know that there might be some complaints that cannot be solved no matter what you do, but the majority of complaints can be solved in a timely fashion.

Last of all, find ways to solve issues before they become employee or customer complaints. Listen to your employees and ask for suggestions on how to improve the business. Don’t micromanage your employees, be willing to do the work you ask them to do. Don’t set up rules that you do not follow yourself.

Below are a set of guidelines that might prevent customer dissatisfaction.

  • Define the job or service in great detail
  • Clarify misunderstandings immediately
  • Do more than what is expected
  • Hire great employees with morals
  • Get the job done in a timely fashion
  • Show professionalism
  • Perform the job or service the best way possible
  • Sell a high quality product or service


Ethics is a term involves systematizing, defending and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct. Business ethics is a form of professional ethics that involves the conduct of individuals that make up a business. A professional business should have a set of ethics and a code of which they live by.  They should present themselves in the best way possible by following through with their promises.  They should not compromise their standards to gain monetary gain.


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